The ‘+’ Project by Philips

The '+' Project will work together with people and organisations throughout Singapore to develop innovative ideas to solve modern health and well-being challenges throughout the nation.

T hrough the ‘+’ project , Philips takes the lead in addressing key health and well-being challenges in modern-day Singapore, and using meaningful innovation to add positively to the quality of people’s lives.

The ‘+’ Project builds on the findings from the recently undertaken Philips Health and Well-being Index survey, which is a comprehensive analysis of responses from over 31,000 people across 23 countries, including Singapore.

Urbanization, changing lifestyles and a rapidly aging population in Asia Pacific create new challenges for all people living in the region.

Our lives are more demanding than before. We need to do more things with less time. How can we ensure people’s lives become better instead of more complicated and challenging? How can we balance physical, emotional and mental well-being needs with the universal desire to grow and get ahead?

As cities grow and more people move into them, how can cities, communities and homes be made more energy efficient? How can they be more livable so that we feel safe, secure and comfortable in our living environment?

As populations age and chronic diseases become more prevalent, healthcare systems and solutions need to be more accessible for everyone. Can we meet the demand for care and care choices, as people become more discerning about healthcare?

The ‘+’ Project by Philips underlines our commitment to improve the quality of people’s lives in Asia Pacific. Through the ‘+’ project, we aim to work together with you, your community and other stakeholders, combining insights with expertise, technology with funding to face these challenges and make a real difference to the quality of lives of you and your loved ones. We call this meaningful innovation.

The ‘+’ Project in Singapore
How can we make a change in Singapore that can help people live better healthier and more meaningful lives?

The ‘+’ Project in Singapore aims to make a positive change by improving the health and well-being of people in three major areas.

  •  Parenting and Family – Changes in society have brought about new challenges for the family. With more women joining the workforce, rising standards of living and the increase in sedentary lifestyle, more and more families in Singapore are facing health issues like infant nutrition, child obesity, myopia and healthy eating.
  • Livable Cities – Singapore’s rapid growth has brought many changes to the city. It has also highlighted the importance of the relationship between the city’s living and working environments and the health and well-being of individuals, families and communities.
  • Aging & Access to Healthcare– In Singapore, rising standards of living, safe water sanitation and good housing, education, the availability of high quality medical services and the active promotion of preventive medicine have helped improve the quality of life, and the standard of health.

How can we improve the quality of people’s lives in Singapore? How can we better deal with modern-day health and well-being challenges? Let  ‘+’ Project  know by taking the survey and vote for the idea that means most to you, and stand to win weekly and grand prizes worth up to $10,000.

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