Our Defining Moments by GREYXGRAY

Our Defining Moments is a beautiful throw back to many a Singaporean childhood.

A n amalgamation of childhood memories, this short film follows Andy as he moves through the quintessentially Singaporean trajectory of life.

The short film covers vignettes from playground games to taking major exams, from first kisses to toughing it out in the army, from losing loved ones to the joy of family.

In doing so, producers GREYXGRAY have managed to thoughtfully distill uniquely Singaporean experiences and memories into a compact narrative.

Filmed in a unique first person perspective by means of mounting a camera onto a helmet (then worn by the actor), Our Defining Moments will gives the viewer u a window back into the past — our shared memories of Singapore — and helps one relive childhood all over again.

This film seeks to have the viewer realise that while Singaporeans might be from different cultures and backgrounds, that we have more in common than we think.

Commissioned by the National Library Board as part of the Singapore Memory Project.


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