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The Lion City by Small Worlds

Keith Loutit, a pioneer of the tilt-shift / time-lapse technique, brings his latest Small Worlds project to the Lion City that is Singapore.

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Our Defining Moments by GREYXGRAY

Our Defining Moments is a beautiful throw back to many a Singaporean childhood.

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The ‘+’ Project by Philips

The ‘+’ Project will work together with people and organisations throughout Singapore to develop innovative ideas to solve modern health and well-being challenges throughout the nation.

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MCYS Integrated Day Facilities

MCYS has unveiled details of the new, purpose-built Integrated Day Facilities (IDFs) which adopts a 3-in-1 approach benefitting the elderly, their families and the community.

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Our Singapore Conversation Reveals 26-Member Committee

According to the OurSGConversation website, the members of the committee have been drawn from all walks of life to reflect the diversity of society.

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The Iconic Merlion Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Come learn all about Singapore’s mythical mascot and follow its inspirational journey over the years.

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The Lion City II – Majulah

Keith Loutit captures the changing landscape in Singapore, returning to the same camera positions over several years.

Cinemagraphs of Heap Seng Leong Coffeeshop

Chia Aik Beng opens a virtual time capsule with his haunting cinemagraphs of the coffeeshop still standing from the yesteryears.

A Tiny Modernity – A Timelapse of Singapore

A look at how despite its modernity, Singapore has preserved its cultures and heartlands accordingly, resulting in a healthy blend of nostalgia and anticipation.

The First Night Hyperlapse Film of Singapore

A magnificently done hyperlapse video of Singapore as the sun sets and the night lights take over…

Void Deck Entrepreneur by Growing Up With Less

Samsuri decided to step up to form a self-help group, Pekik, for Malay residents in the community of Jalan Kukoh, one of the poorest estate in Singapore.

In Silence: Foreign Workers in Singapore

Short documentary by Pearline Chew highlighting foreign workers’ toil “in silence”.